When Life Gives You Oranges

This is the transcript of the 10 minute talk I was supposed to give at Salon International 2023. Until I got rugged by the How to Cut it Platform. And replaced as a speaker. I wonder why? “When Life Gives You Oranges, Squeeze Them.” Watcha, My name is Aaron.  Last month, I made a fascinating […]

64 – How to spot a Scam

Scam, Ponzi Schemes, MLM investments, All Fraud Scam or Ponzi? All have a common denominator and that is human beings. Todays Show, All about spotting a scam and how they are allowed to propogate. Off the bat we discuss the XMAS partygate & the consequences of last years lockdowns, the justifiable lack of faith the […]

63 – Bitcoin vs Sh*tcoins explained

In Todays Show, off the bat Joe calls Bitcoin Maximalists Arrogant. Aaron explains the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and Shitcoins. And why maximalists are so passionate about the quest to separate money from state.

62 – Traditional Salons vs Freelance Spaces

We look at the volatility of crypto and understand why this price swings happen. We look at the new business models in the creative industries, hair and beauty studio are leading the way.

61 – QR’s, Crypto and digital salons

The pair share some ideas about the future of Salon 2.0 Aaron stumps Joe by calling him Ed Balls. Can you believe Joe didn’t have a story about him. We ask the question how many QR’s in the salon would be overkill? Joe says everything in the salon should be For Sale. What do you think? Does Point of Sale work in the salon.

60 Losing Pounds £ Gaining Bitcoin

You would expect the mainstream media would report on a riot happening in the middle of parliament square. The revolution will be ignored by them. But least David Ginola will be in the jungle this year. Keep being distracted sheeple.

Aaron shares a great way to get off zero bitcoin without it costing you a penny. – scroll downwards

59 Climate Change Clown Conference

The truth is like Covid Denial, their is no money in Global Warming denial.
The media Fear Porn continues, If Covid doesn’t kill you then climate change will, so shut up slaves and hand over your cash.
Sleepy Joe Biden living up to his name again by sleeping through the conference.

58 Defy and Survive

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Sometimes you have to defy to survive.
Defy and survive is about ignoring the shills that pretend to be your support network. They aren’t your supporters. They do not pay you or give you any value for their “membership prices” they in fact take your money pretend to act in your interest and then sell your data to big brands. In addition to attacking your sector they take your £80 membership and they use it to petition the government to increase the red tape and bureaucracy.

57 The Resurrection of Salon International

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Recorded on location at London Excel.
This is a special show. The first exhibition where everyone can get together and begin to re-energise the sector.
Can the hair and beauty industry resurrect itself from the ashes of Covid?

55 Dark Winter

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Todays show is about the potential for a dark winter. Why the facebook/instagram outages prove that you should not be building your physical business to rely on these big tech platforms. Joe shares the reasons why he never needed to rely on Facebook to build his business and why the same is true today. We touch on the fuel shortage and what is a CBDC & BRitcoin.