QR’s, Crypto and digital salons

Quick Response codes or QR’s as they are better known feature in Todays Show, off the bat Joe gives us an immediate update of his Crypto Portfolio. He has invested £300 in an altcoin and is mesmerised by the Number Go Up (and Down) technology.

The pair share some ideas about the future of Salon 2.0 Aaron stumps Joe by calling him Ed Balls. Can you believe Joe didn’t have a story about him. We ask the question how many QR’s in the salon would be overkill? Joe says everything in the salon should be For Sale. What do you think? Does Point of Sale work in the salon.

Do customers engage with the new tech? Do it the old way or create something new? that is the question. What marketing does your salon use? Does it work?

Today’s show is once again sponsored by GoSalon.uk

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Regulator Watch – LinkedIn Fracas

The Hair & Barber Council & Salon Owners United David Drew and Collette Osbourne have joined the racket!
They want to be gatekeepers of the rules and regulations. It’s in their interest to make as many rules as possible. They are taking part in an campaign of divide and conquer. Why do they want to start a campaign to blame an individual for others failing salon businesses? Why punch down? Surely you should be focussed on what sinister plot the government have planned for the industry.

The idea that a young person who is starting on their hair and beauty career is responsible for Established salon businesses going under is absolutely ridiculous.


Under the bus.

Joe throws Marcus Rashford under a bus. The boy should be playing for England and instead is embroiled in politics. Sport and politics should not mix. His form has suffered ever since his tweet about school lunches. I bet Fergie would not be pleased.
Sajid Javid – Is Aaron’s choice. The man is a prize hypocrite. We have a clip where he gets very triggered in an interview with Kay Burley. He is essentially making 100k nurses and Doctors redundant and in the same breath saying its to minimise risk and protect the vulnerable. What a clown.

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