We are heading for a dark winter

Todays show is about the potential for a dark winter. Why the facebook/instagram outages prove that you should not be building your physical business to rely on these big tech platforms. Joe shares the reasons why he never needed to rely on Facebook to build his business and why the same is true today. We touch on the fuel shortage and what is a CBDC & BRitcoin.  

Under a bus is a beauty this week is Bo Jo himself. He is responsible for the worst government in the history of British governments. By creating his Winston Churchill moment and when the time came he capitulated like the big blonde bum that he is. Boris proved he is complicit in the current hyperinflation environment the UK is facing. Him and Rishi controlled by the tri-lateral commission have proven he is NON-ESSENTIAL.  

Show clips include Sweary builders policing the roads from insulate UK. Nancy Pelosi promoting the lie that printing 3.5 trillion does not need to be paid for. 

gosalon dark winter

Show Producers
Norman Ellis of Essex Hairdressers
Who has given us 5 pairs of tickets for the next showcase featuring Paul Falltrick. The show happens in Chelmsford, Essex on Monday 1st November. Doors at 6:30pm

These shows are great for young hair and beauty professionals in order to gain new insight and skill but also for networking. This show takes place in Chelmsford. To be in for a chance of winning a pair of tickets worth £50 do the following:

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A winner will be announced on each of the next shows in the run up to the event on November 1st.


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