Bitcoin is Money

In todays Show, off the bat Joe calls Bitcoin Maximalists Arrogant. Aaron explains the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and Shitcoins. Why are maximalists are so passionate about the quest to separate money from state?

This was supposed to be our 1st anniversary show. However, Joe had other ideas and took the show into Crypto, Fiat Money, Inflation in Turkey and ended up discussing the idea of the metaverse.

To define money it has to have three properties.

  1. Store of Value
  2. Unit of Account
  3. Medium of Exchange

BTC as Bitcoin is also known as irrefutably beats the £ or $ in 2 of 3 of those definitions.

Bitcoin is Insulation

Decentralised Money and the separation of money and state.

Decentralised money and the separation of money and state is the next paradigm shift humanity has to achieve to truly progress.
Decentralisation is the only way the internet can go forwards and fully realise it’s potential.
The idea that your government is protecting you by shutting down conversations is a fallacy.

The government trots out lines like “we believe in freedom of speech”. All voices on the internet need to be heard yet the government filters out the ones that go against their narrative. We now understand the government need media narratives to control it’s subjects.

When governments use tax payers money to control a narrative in the media they affect the emotional state and wellbeing of its population, we all remember the time where our government labelled an entire class of workers as non-essential.

Unlimited government spending enables the spread of information that benefits them and their sponsors as opposed to what benefits the people.

By limiting government spending they have a fiduciary responsibility to keep the books balanced and accountable to those they are supposed to serve.

Why Bitcoins are better than shitcoins

These Shitcoins (or Alts as people more polite than myself call them) are an extension of the current Fiat ponzi scheme we are currently exposed to.
i.e 1 person or 1 entity controls the rules surrounding supply and demand of these worthless tokens.
with bitcoin the rules cannot change unless 100% of the users agree to it. This is consensus and It’s the best option for money as you want money to be secure and it’s being to be protected from internal or external manipulation. Bitcoin has consensus. Bitcoin changes you, you cannot change bitcoin.

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