Freelance spaces vs traditional salons

In Todays Show, We look at the volatility of crypto and understand why these price swings happen. We look at the new business models in the creative industries, Freelance hair and beauty studios are leading the way. We look at the Pro’s and Cons of this new system. (spoiler alert) The Pro’s massively outweigh the cons.

These Self Employed spaces are gaining popularity and Aaron shares why this is excellent for the industry in terms of lifestyle and wages. Joe shares some Alpha around VAT and a legal way to minimise it. 

Aaron explains the threat of CBDC’s to the local economy, eliminating cash will is a huge existential threat.

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Agustín Carstens (Augustus Gloop) (General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements) – This Fat Bastard Wants to have control of all money forever. So say goodbye to cash and prepare to have your family and generations that are yet to be born, will be owned by these central bankers. (Rhyming Slang) 

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