Todays show is about The Con26 ahem, The 26th Conference of Parties hence, COP26 takes place in Glasgow between Oct. 31 and Nov. 12. It’s an event for all the world’s most powerful hypocrites fly private jets into Glasgow to lecture us on how We are destroying the planet. The shear effrontery of these civil servants should not be ignored.
more misery for London Salons

Joe gives us his 3 positive takes takes from Rishi’s Budget

Joe & Aaron discuss the Essex Hairdressers event that featured Paul Falltricks & Edward Hemmings.

Aaron inspired by Boris Johnson’s tweet
“I’ll be asking world leaders to take action on coal, cars, cash and trees – to keep alive the prospect of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.” He throws Boris & the queen under the same bus for ignoring the creeping totalitarian state and joining in with the distraction of climate change clown conference.

The truth is like Covid Denial, their is no money in Global Warming denial.
The media Fear Porn continues, If Covid doesn’t kill you then climate change will, so shut up slaves and hand over your cash.
Sleepy Joe Biden living up to his name again by sleeping through the conference.

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all the Boris’s tweet Biden falls asleep at #COP26 The Queen emphasises the problems with pollution and yet slips into a climate change narrative.