Todays show is about,

What you have to do to survive, sometimes you have to defy to survive.

Defy and survive is about ignoring the shills that pretend to be your support network. They aren’t your supporters. They do not pay you or give you any value for their “membership prices” they in fact take your money pretend to act in your interest and then sell your data to big brands. In addition to attacking your sector they take your £80 membership and they use it to petition the government to increase the red tape and bureaucracy.

UnLike the h&b council and salon owners united, small & medium enterprise does not have the will or the budgets to deal with more admin. All we want is less interference in our hair and beauty businesses. Not more. To live tomorrow sometimes you have to Defy to Survive.

Joe alerted Aaron to the latest LinkedIn BS. Boris & Rishi have destroyed the hair and beauty sector. And yet some in the sector are asking them for help?

Many in the sector are using petitions to attempt to petition the government to bail them out even though in the same petition they highlight the contempt for government. If the bail everyone out, they bail no-one out. This is basic inflation and proof that those asking for this cannot do maths.

Sector News – We predict More misery for Salons. COP26 – BEIS etc

Can you see what way this is going yet?

The narrative of Climate change is both the biggest business risk and commercial opportunity of all time. Do we need to say anymore? It’s about future control and future taxes. You will have a credit card with a credit limit.
But at the same time the card will also have a carbon limit which means you can be prevented from buying certain things or travelling to certain places based on how many carbon credits you have.

Carbon Credits will be an arbitrary voucher scheme brought in by government to prevent you from going about your daily business. (or raise government coffers to pay for unnecessary civil servants) whatever way you want to look at it.

And yes Salon owners, We thought our clients having money in their pockets would be an issue, in future you’ll have to worry about what lifestyle they have also.

Climate change conference (COP26) to ask world leaders to work together to deliver urgent global climate action. The hub is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provides a one-stop-shop to make a climate commitment and simple tools and resources.

The Guardian reports that Anonymous millionaires are asking Rishi to tax them more!!! HAHAH Anyone that believes this is a clown. Why Do you believe everything you read?

What would you defy, to survive?

competition winners

The Second pair of tickets to the Essex Hairdressers event on 1st November have been won by Demi Patmore and Elise Hubbard

Show Producers

Norman Ellis of Essex Hairdressers Who has given us 5 pairs of tickets for the next showcase featuring Paul Falltrick. The show happens in Chelmsford, Essex on Monday 1st November. Doors at 6:30pm These shows are great for young hair and beauty professionals in order to gain new insight and skill but also for networking. This show takes place in Chelmsford. 

To be in for a chance of winning a pair of tickets worth £50 do the following:

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1 winner will be announced on each of the next shows in the run up to the event on November 1st.


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