60 Losing Pounds £ Gaining Bitcoin

Todays Show, Joe and Aaron share stories that prove their is some wisdom and prophecy in some of the things they say. Joe predicted many months ago that Emma Raducanu’s head had been turned and that her form would suffer. Eddie Jones the England Rugby coach has said something similar and has been on the receiving end of clog from the twitterrati.
We talk about the news that one of the giant industry names (Trevor Sorbie) has swapped it’s reputation & quality control for survival in the industry. Does this give legitimacy to freelancers across the country and does it destroy the professional bodies plan to get everyone registered.

You would expect the mainstream media would report on a riot happening in the middle of parliament square. The revolution will be ignored by them. But least David Ginola will be in the jungle this year. Keep being distracted sheeple.

Aaron shares a great way to get off zero bitcoin without it costing you a penny. – scroll downwards


Robert Adamson 18 years in his salon is no mean feat!
Congratulations to Robert.

Under the bus.

Reputation Salesman, Antiquated con merchants. such as Good salon Guide / Phab et al.


This is a great way to get off ZERO bitcoin

Important This is not financial advice – You are an adult. You can do what you want.
I have figured out a way to get actual interest on your current account.
This is a hot take.

By using the link you can get $25 in CRO tokens (which can be converted to BTC or GBP)
In the UK you can get a visa card which is linked to this account.

Whatever your disposable income is each month. Move this money into Your Crypto.com account every month. And when you want to spend it, use the Visa card and get a further 1% crypto cashback.

Click this REF code – https://crypto.com/app/2jsf3z9knb

STEP BY STEP guide (below)

  1. Set up a standing order into this new account.
  2. convert the GBP into BTC or ETH while in the account.
  3. Watch the value go up measured in £ – (BTC last 5 yr *CAGR is 244%)
  4. Apply for a visa card via the App and whenever you need to spend its a one button way to withdraw from the crypto into you GBP account. VOILA free money.

We are in a very high inflation environment and cash left in your current account will lose 10/15% of it’s purchase power over the next 2 years.
CRYPTO.com shill our REF code – https://crypto.com/app/2jsf3z9knb

*Compound Annual Growth Rate


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