Inflation is inevitable so leverage your influence.

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I spotted a LinkedIn status from our heroes at L’OrĂ©al stating how they were going to use influencers and spend millions on internet advertising so they can sell more of their products to your customers. Essentially telling us, it’s not personal, it’s business. Paraphrasing of course but the message is “We are cutting you out […]

Salonomics 11 – Chop the VAT or else

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode we respond to the politicians response to the Temporary Chop the VAT campaign. We talk about why the people calling for the change don’t engage with salon owners. Aaron looks at alternatives to a cash system. […]

MP’s ignore VAT crisis in Hair and Beauty

Why VAT cripples your hair & beauty business Using the template from the “Save our Salons campaign” I thought I would freestyle a little to really outline the issue with government overreach in our profession. VAT on timed services are unjust and limit growth. My sector believe that hair & beauty should not be in […]

Save Our Salons

In relation to the latest “Save our Salons” or “Chop the VAT” campaign. I thought I would get behind the movement to get an inside view of why it will fail again. Does anyone else get a sense of doing the same thing and expecting a different result? Look what happened last year. response […]

GoSalon – The Big Why?

To be future proof. You are here because;  You would like to increase your profit margins. You want to give your customer the best service you can. You are looking to simplify the way you work.   You want to move a piece of your business online. You want to be part of a powerful movement […]

Make space in the salon – create a smart wall!

I hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to let you know about the latest developments with GoSalon. You can request a smart wall by using this form. The specific places on your wall have to correspond with the position in your GoSalon. All is explained on this link For years product companies, […]

How to use a QR code.

We use a QR code to transport your customer from your chair to your retail space on the internet wherein 1 or 2 clicks they can buy your product referral “For the Internet Price”
You can find your BESPOKE QR on your home page.

The power of a deal

This article is about why the idea of doing a deal is so profitable over time. How those small margins compound and become significant over time.