I hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to let you know about the latest developments with GoSalon.

The moss wall created by local company in Essex (MossSide) We have found balancing Nature with the future really entices the customer in. And is extremely affective at converting sales.
QR codes
By using a QR code with a “why you like it quote” adds positive reinforcement to the product and increases the conversion of a client purchase.
If you are really flash then you can look to using video on your e-mirrors or tablets to help convert your sales.

For years product companies, distributors, supermarkets, chemists and the internet have removed you from the retail loop by selling direct to your customer. Whether that is via Amazon or eBay. It’s time for you to reclaim this vital portion of your business. And hey be pandemic proof and move a part of your business online to protect your future from disrruption and outside influence.
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