The Power of the Deal.

Do your clients like a deal? Of course, David Dickinson would not be the giant orange celebrity he is without being able to do a deal on the TV. His show features minor celebrities selling their old nan’s trash to the highest bidder at auction, may not make them rich but the principle that he teaches you will over time.

Why on earth would someone spend all of that money on a business and focus on the part which brings in an insignificant profit? May as well just focus on the cut/colour/beauty service right?

WRONG! let me show you something.

GoSalon removes complexity and the oversell when it comes to closing a deal with your client. Sign up for a free retail zone now

That ‘small profit’ you can’t be bothered with, compounds over time. That small profit on each client every day will end up making your bank balance bigger. Can you imagine making an extra £2 per customer per day?

(Based on 7 customers per day)
days per week (£14 x 5) = £70
20 working days in a month (£70 x 20) = £1400
multiply by 11 working months per year (£1400 x 11) = £15,400

LOOK it’s £15,400 per annum.

By offering your customer the opportunity to buy a retail product using your links means that every item your customer buys through that link EARNS YOU CASH!

We sit in the background and make sure the whole process is fast simple and seamless for your customers. No logging into apps, no downloading new software to learn how it works. Simply recommend scan and sell.

Why have you not signed up already?

GoSalon makes sure it’s YOUR BRAND upfront and profiting from your hard work.

GoSalon helps take the labour out of this process. We connect you to your customer via your own salon fingerprint and create your digital reception for free. It’s a powerful new service that hundreds of people are using daily to request appointments and purchase products. Stop leaving money on the table. Use GoSalon to put the pounds into your hands.

If you are not recommending products to your customers then someone else is and is earning rom your hard work. sign up via