When Life Gives You Oranges

This is the transcript of the 10 minute talk I was supposed to give at Salon International 2023. Until I got rugged by the How to Cut it Platform. And replaced as a speaker. I wonder why? “When Life Gives You Oranges, Squeeze Them.” Watcha, My name is Aaron.  Last month, I made a fascinating […]

Get Paid in Bitcoin

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Earn more by using bitcoin and the magic of being your own bank A crash course to get paid in Bitcoin. Think of bitcoin as instant payments via email. Bitcoin is a revolutionary innovation in digital cash payments. Bitcoin is a currency and payment network in one. It is not controlled by any one central […]

The Top 3 GoSalon Selling Products in 2022

Join Now for free The Best Selling products in 2022 As 2022 is coming to a close, we have been looking at what are the top 3 products our users have been recommending to their customers through out the year. Milk Shake Moisture Plus Trio Gift Set (Shampoo, Conditioner & Whipped Cream) The milk_shake trio […]

Scan to Ship

What is Scan to Ship? GoSalon scan to ship uses QR codes in your salon retail display. This allows your clients to scan the product and buy it online. And you get a referral fee. Your client still pays exactly the same price whether they click through your QR or not but your get a […]

GoSalon is Magic

GoSalon is Magic GoSalon is a web app that puts a small piece of your business online. Earns you income while you sleep. GoSalon revolutionises the way you do retail forever! It is instant, simple and effective. Retail has never been easier. For the Salon Owner, GoSalon manages your retail so you can spend your […]

How do I use GoSalon?

Ok, So you have received your “Welcome to GoSalon” email and am confronted with a link like gosalon.gosalon.uk with a QR code that looks like this below.

Make money when you are closed

Did you know that Every Hair & Beauty Pro that used GoSalon during Lockdown made money. “How?” They did it like this –1. Shared a link from GoSalon to a social media post, email or SMS message.2. Client’s click on the GoSalon link & bought the product they needed in 10 seconds.3. GoSalon user received […]

Applying for Dragons Den

We did some research and found that 8 out of 10 customers would purchase a product from their stylist, but only if the price was closer to the internet. (Salon products typically have a 40% mark up when you purchase from a salon compared to some online retailers).The problem wasn’t that clients had not stopped buying retail products, just stopped buying them from salons. There are many reasons for this which I could go into but I’ll spare you the details.Hair & Beauty industry in the UK is worth £28bn pounds and it’s not under threat from automation or robots anytime soon which means the salon will still demand space on the high street.

New Podcasting 2.0

“They say it’s easy to make an Apple Pie, but you have to create the universe first” Standing on the shoulders of giants, I think we may have made our own Apple Pie. We are excited to announce that our podcast “Salonomics“is now available on the Bitcoin lightning NETWORK. Our podcast is on fire & […]

The Great Restart

How do you deal with the great restart? It’s been 5 long months since Salon’s in the UK were unceremoniously shutdown by Boris and Co 5 days before Xmas. It frustrated salon professionals all over the country, Not just because three weeks previously we finished a month long “circuit breaker” but the opportunity to earn […]