To be future proof.

You are here because; 

  1. You would like to increase your profit margins.
  2. You want to give your customer the best service you can.
  3. You are looking to simplify the way you work.  
  4. You want to move a piece of your business online.
  5. You want to be part of a powerful movement that gives autonomy back to hair & beauty professionals. 

GoSalon in it’s first iteration (GoSalon 1.0) is a software company that solves salons retail problems.

The elephant in the room is that we know retail products are cheaper on the internet. And so do our customers. This is the main reason why people don’t buy from your salon. Who wants to pay a premium for the same product that is up to 100% cheaper on the internet. This is why retail conversions are so low. (between 5-15%) and also the reason why beauty professionals are not comfortable with selling.

Ask yourself if your customer is not buying for example a shampoo or conditioner from you then who are they buying from? Are you not upset that somebody else is profiting from your hard work?  

GoSalon solves that problem by enabling you to sell to them for the same price as the internet. 

GoSalon has a process that’s so fast your customers can scan and ship your favourite products to their home in seconds. GoSalon makes retail easy for you and your customers. For the first time, you are now able to compete online with big platforms.

Your online retail zone.

Let’s recap exactly the value GoSalon gives you and your business.  

GoSalon allows you to earn a passive income. 

GoSalon allows you to do retail from anywhere at anytime 24/7. 

GoSalon gives you the ability to have your brand’s logo on your customers home screen. 

GoSalon saves you from dealing with bulk orders, stock checks and dead stock sitting on the shelves. 

GoSalon saves you from dealing with product company salesmen. 

GoSalon allows you to sell more items from multiple brands that you would not normally stock.

GoSalon can remove your digital expenses and make you a digital profit.  

GoSalon helps you put a piece of your business online and therefore future proof you from future lockdowns and business disruption.  

GoSalon gives you the ability to sell without selling. (It’s not selling if the product you refer is based on love.)

GoSalon is not just a selling platform. It also has other useful buttons such as Get Appointment (request booking system that doesn’t create gaps) 

Get Paid (take digital payments without the fees)

If you want to find out more about these features head on over to GoSalon.UK 

– reserve your business name 

& receive your GoSalon strategy.

GoSalon makes retail easy for you and your customers. 

Your online Reception Zone

It’s a win – win – win scenario

Your client wins by paying internet price.

You win because you can convert more sales and receive a commission for it.

The Product company wins because they can focus on making products that work. 

GoSalon only wins if the previous three statements are true. 

Salon life is hectic when it’s busy and when it’s quiet it’s worrying. We don’t yet know what the future holds but one thing is for sure GoSalon’s goal is to help make you future proof. 

Be Individual, Be independent, Be Future Proof. GoSalon.

We have a podcast which you can find here

Episode 2 – Future Proof. Joe and Aaron talk about why competitions weren’t for Joe, Aaron gives an insight into the session world and we find out what has got Joe’s goat this week on LinkedIn.

You should give it a listen. Joe has 40 plus years of working in and owning a top London salon. The second podcast is out now. You should be able to find it on all good podcast networks

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