Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode we respond to the politicians response to the Temporary Chop the VAT campaign. We talk about why the people calling for the change don’t engage with salon owners. Aaron looks at alternatives to a cash system. Does Barter still exist? Will the sector stagnate and for how long?

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No articles today except we discuss the www.saveoursalons.co.uk
Temporary VAT campaign sign up here. A tonne of money has been spent on this campaign. So please contribute to their database.

For context here is the response from my local mp in full.

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for contacting me about VAT on hair and beauty services, I do hope you are keeping safe and well.

I understand your frustration during this time. I know that many businesses, like yours, have been impacted by Covid-19. I am not aware of any plans to include the beauty industry in the VAT reduction. However, I have raised your concerns with my colleagues in the Treasury and they assure me that they will keep under all tax arrangements under review. Any changes to taxation would be considered as part of the normal process leading up to the next Budget.

All necessary action will be, and has been, taken to support a wide range of industries across the United Kingdom during this unprecedented time and I will continue to support the Government in this.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely

James Duddridge MP
Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East