47 – When Aaron met Dom

When Aaron met Dom.

Enjoy this little chat i had with Dom Lehane of How To Cut It fame. The recording took place on July 19th and was published on August 2nd via the How to cut it network.

This podcast is repeat of the chat I had talking about my early career and the genesis of GoSalon. Dom also got me to share my early work experiences, why I am disruptive, hate rules, have zero respect for authority and why I believe GoSalon will benefit everyone in our sector. 

I add a little bonus clip to the end about why I believe Bitcoin is not only the future when it comes to payments but why I believe it will help us fix our hair and beauty sector and keep it out of the mitts of the disgusting, parasitic, bureaucrats. 

When Aaron met Dom
Genesis of GoSalon and why it’s key to a thriving hair industry.

Salonomics is the business side of Salons. Encouraging Entrepreneurship, Future Thinking & Bitcoin to busy Hairdressing & Beauty Professionals. Always from an independent and sovereign perspective.

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Aaron Dorn

What does GoSalon do?

Why GoSalon

GoSalon connects you to your customers with a retail product of your choice for the internet price.
The App allows you to have a bigger inventory of products for your clients to choose from.
The convenience of GoSalon removes all of the risk from buying products which means you don’t have to buy what you don’t use. This will free up money in your business to spend elsewhere.
Your clients can buy from your affiliates codes 24/7 again and again. Whether they are in the shop with you or at home.
GoSalon Puts Your brand on your clients home screen. We give you the tools without having to sacrifice your identity.
GoSalon does all of the hard work so you can focus 100% on your clients.
Earn anywhere between 1.5% – 6% depending on the items that you refer to your customers.
You can get GoSalon on your smart phone by going to GoSalon.uk
GoSalon makes retail easy for you and your clients.

Say Hello to GoSalon

You can get GoSalon on your smart phone by going to GoSalon – GoSalon makes retail easy for you and your clients 
1. Enter your email and business name and await an email from the GoSalon team.

Rank Math says I need to add 5 more words. So here they are, “When Aaron met Dom” For more about Salonomics visit the official website here