Deregulate Debates

On this weeks show we talk about chop the vat Debate in Parliament – The relentless gender posturing.
Why does nobody want to hire Apprentices? Why nobody is talking about regulation. (one voice)
We touch on the developing news that states in the USA are going to deregulate haircutting from the cosmetology licence vs the minority desire to Regulate the hair & beauty sector.

Why El Salvador passing a bill to make Bitcoin legal tender is huge for freedom and competition in Latin America.
We get Joe & Aaron’s predictions for Euro 2020 – Joe’s beloved Turkey are out.

Aaron thinks Southgate will bore the Germans to death.
Nothing controversial was said on this show at all. So Please Mr Zuckerberg & Mr Dorsey. Don’t shadow ban us. Deregulate us now! Lots of Love Aaron & Joe.

deregulate debates

Gigachad – Michael Saylor has put 100% of his company (Microstrategy) reserves into Bitcoin to store value.

Doesn’t matter what your politics are, everybody on earth wants property and freedom. That is what Bitcoin brings to the people.

Good luck trying to regulate something that cannot be regulated. Decentralise, Deregulate & Dominate.

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Rank Math says i need to add 5 more words. So here they are.

Moving Forwards, If we went on Dragons Den How much investment do you think we could get?

Aaron reckons:

Remember that going to the beach is and soaking in the sunshine is the best medicine you can get.
The Key to prolong your state of happiness and to celebrate the fact that summer is finally here.
do the following:
1. Stop watching BBC News
2. Stop reading newspapers
3. Get outside and breath some oxygen.
4. Throw your mask away.
5. Ignore the prophets of doom and you’ll notice how quickly your life improves.

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