GoSalon University 2 – Best Way for Recurring Sales

GoSalon helps you & your customer. This is your finger print. Build muscle memory.

Welcome back to the GoSalon University.
In order to benefit from selling to your customers 24/7 and numerous times over a month or in between appointments, It’s important to get your GoSalon app onto the home screen of your customers phone. This is your finger print. This gives your customer an easy way to connect with you.

home screen icon builds muscle memory
Your brand on your clients home screen – Zero distraction repeat success.

Customer thinks “I will make an appointment with my stylist and they pop onto Instagram, FB, Twitter, Google etc and book an appointment with you” Next thing you know is that 20 minutes have passed and they have completely forgotten why they went onto social media in the first place. “Those damn notifications sure are distracting.

We always put you up front and center with everything we do.

Your GoSalon has a bespoke stand alone icon on your clients home screen. We always put you up front and center with everything we do. Nothing distracts them from their focus of buying a product or requesting an appointment. When your customer is in purchase mode it’s wise not to interrupt them.

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The home screen is so important as we want our client to build muscle memory. In order to reach out to you for anything to do with hair and beauty. just like they instinctively know where the instagram button is. That’s our goal. To keep them coming back to your GoSalon shortcut for more purchases and/or extra appointments.

This is a key for developing trust with your client. Having a share option here enables them to recommend you to a friend in one click. They have the ability to share you with all of their friends or family at the touch of a button.

GoSalon will guide your customer every step of the way, by getting out of the way!

It’s worthwhile getting to know how this process works. If done correctly. It only needs to be done once per client. It’s a great ice breaker if you have QR nearby like so. You only need to do this process once and that’s it. Your fingerprint will be there for the lifetime of that phone.

university QR codes make it easy for your customer
QR on a price list – Good icebreaker for you to introduce something they didn’t know their phone could do
  • Using a QR code get your client to open there smart phone camera and hover over the QR code. (please tell them not to take a picture of it as they have to exit the camera and start again.) Many customers are completely unaware there smart phone has the ability.
  • A pop up will appear on screen asking them to visit the link the QR reader provides. The phone will open its browser and take the customer straight to your page.
  • On android they will be prompted to add to home screen.
  • On iPhone you have to hit the share button and physically click the add to home screen button.
  • Android phones actively prompt the user to add to home screen when they land on your page. iPhone’s do not. See illustration below.
set up gosalon on android
Notice Androids 3 step protocol
Set up gosalon on iphone
iPhone needs a manual add to home screen by clicking the share button.

Congratulations, once GoSalon is set on your clients home screen you have not only increased your chances of a passive income from retail sales but enable your client the ability to request appointments with you anytime ‘they want’ Enjoy the silence. They can now request an appointment online that is one less phone call you need to handle. Win, Win.