Earn more by using bitcoin and the magic of being your own bank

A crash course to get paid in Bitcoin. Think of bitcoin as instant payments via email.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary innovation in digital cash payments.

Bitcoin is a currency and payment network in one. It is not controlled by any one central authority or government. It is native to the internet and is money without borders.

This is the first time we have had a digital currency and a network in one!

You understand that a currency is the £ pound but generally to send pounds digitally you have to send £’s via a network such as Visa / Mastercard or PayPal.

Bitcoin will do to banks what the Internet did to the Post Office. Not obsolete them but will change why we use them.

How does a card payment work?

Multiple companies are involved in the transfer and settlement of a card payment. This means there are multiple points of delay and multiple organisations taking their cut! (pun intended)

See below for an illustration of what happens when you make or accept a card payment.

stages of a card payment

With a card payment you have a 90 day window where the processor can issue a chargeback (reverse the transaction) and take it back off of you. They have multiple powers that enable them to do this.

Unlike cash, when you hand over £10 the bearer keeps all £10. Like cash the holder of that £10 note has say over what they want to do with it. No chance of a chargeback.

With Bitcoin you get immediate final settlement. No chance of anyone being able to reverse the transaction.

With a bitcoin transaction done on Lightning, a payment is settled immediately. And the fee the network takes is around 1 Satoshi which is approximately 0.0001 (a thousandth) of the fee taken by the current financial system.

Your device will broadcast your transaction to an open ledger which is known as the bitcoin blockchain. Which will then let you know immediately whether that person has the money they are trying to send you.

Bitcoin is digital money that has no borders and is accepted all over the globe by thousands of retailers and businesses large or small.

Bitcoin makes it easy for businesses like yours and mine to send lightning fast payments with final settlement in seconds. To learn more go here or to listen to a podcast about it go here

GoSalon makes it easy

for you to earn bitcoin for your work.

GoSalon gives you an option to convert your earnings into bitcoin and get them straight into a bitcoin wallet of your choice.

GoSalon is the first hair & beauty business in the world that enables you to earn bitcoin.

OK, I want to do this. What do I do next?

To receive bitcoin, We recommend that you download a bitcoin wallet such as 

https://www.walletofsatoshi.com/ or https://getalby.com/ 

Once installed you can generate a bitcoin lightning address (which looks like an email address)

For example our bitcoin address is [email protected] – This enables us to receive bitcoin from anyone, anywhere in the world for almost free.

Then send us an email via [email protected] and let us know what your bitcoin address is. Then in future we can simply convert your GoSalon commission and send it directly to your bitcoin wallet on your mobile device.

Note: that even though bitcoin’s exchange rate is volatile, there will only ever be 21 million coins.
This finite supply of bitcoin means it’s a scarce asset akin to a house, gold or fine art.

As governments and central banks continue to create inflation by expanding the money supply. These scarce assets increase in £ or $ value over time.

Bitcoin is Savings Technology. The best savings technology ever invented!

Aaron at GoSalon

see the chart of bitcoin vs the £ below (bitcoin price as of this article is £21,775)