Your Amazing Salon. In todays show,

Aaron is giddy about getting an unprovoked shout out on another podcast show that featured a true hairdressing icon. Robert Lobetta and Joe shares his memories of a chance meeting with him back in the day, When hairdressers drove Ferraris and British hairdressing was on top of the world.

The whole show was a great broadcast for GoSalon. Even though Aaron is terrible at marketing has coined a new strapline for GoSalon. Make your Salon Amazing. Plus I am getting good at adobe audition. I have created a jingle to close the end of the show.

Please listen to the show right to the end. It’s purpose is to be subliminal. So let me know what you think. If you think it’s awful then i’ll bin it.
Thanks for listening.

Come and Get me Plea!

Shoutout to Dom Lehane. Dom click this button to get in touch with Aaron asap.

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Your amazing Salon

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Todays show is sponsored by GoSalon UK – Do you Want to move a piece of your salon business online? check out https://www.gosalon.ukGoSalon works for you and not the brands. They help make retail easy for you and your customers.
Most salon owners are tired with having to compete with the internet to supply the correct retail products for their customers. GoSalon created a system where you don’t have to compete any longer.

The Future of salon retail is earn money from your expertise. Use your influence. GoSalon is your Concierge Service. (Cheers Robert!)

Listen to Dom’s show in full with Robert Lobetta here

Go Salon exists to make your salon Amazing!

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