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The Internet has changed the way we retail forever!

GoSalon was created by a hairdresser that was annoyed by the majority of the big product retail brands were selling direct to our clients via the internet. Effectively removing the hair or beauty professional from the conversation. So he found a simple way to correct that issue so that you can earn commission by using affiliate codes from some of the biggest online sellers.

With GoSalon, this system has been duplicated so that you can now make the most of selling retail for the same price as the internet. Not only does this system generate more retail sales (due to the price of products being the same as online) but it also means that you never have to buy retail before you sell it.

This GoSalon system has revolutionised retail within the traditional salon setup, the new home salon movement and also for freelancers and mobile hairdressers and beauty specialists.

GoSalon is free to join and gives you all of the tools you need to grow your retail business. It essentially gives you an online shop, stacks your digital shelves and makes your retail process so easy and smooth. With one less thing to deal with GoSalon enables you to focus on your craft and your clients.

Other benefits

The other benefits of this system are multiple. You’ll never have to deal with salesmen, deliveries, unboxing and the need for a stock room is unnecessary. At the same time you can now benefit from offering those products to your clients you have never had the chance to sell before, All for the internet price.

What Next?

To resume your application or to begin from scratch. Click the button below to join and you can be offering the latest products to your clients for the internet price within 24 hours.

All we need is your email address, your business logo and a list of your favourite products.

Mr Aaron Dorn

Founder of GoSalon

A hairdresser & husband, father of 2 girls. Aaron founded GoSalon in 2019.


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