& why it’s important to stand out on the home screen of your client’s phone. 

It grabs attention, creates an impact which leads to call to action goals such as more appointments and recurring sales.

As of 2018 – 87% of UK retail purchases made online

& 78% of Brits use their mobile phone for online shopping when they are travelling or commuting.

More than one in five consumers (22 %) has bought something online after see saw something about it on social media. The use of social networks to shop online keeps increasing, with younger shoppers (48 %), women (29 %) and people living in urban areas (38 %) among the groups that are significantly more likely to buy something after seeing posts on social media.

‘Retailers must respond to ever changing market’

It separates you from the crowd on your home screen. If your phone screen is like the one below. You can understand why you need to stand out. It’s why notifications are so powerful. they are prompting you to pick up your phone and respond to them. I hate notifications as most are annoying and irrelevant. When it’s counting your steps it’s fine but if it’s asking for you to do some spring cleaning and respond to them this can be a problem for you app. No matter how big, It’s why i deleted Pinterest……

Your eye is drawn to the “red number”

I removed Pinterest completely from my phone. I had to, every day it would sit there with a new 33 notifications. No matter what I did, I unfollowed a bunch of people and even turned off all notifications. Still every day I checked my home screen up comes the “Red Number” I only solved it when I completely uninstalled the app from my phone. Peace at Last. This is not healthy for an App. To bug, the owner is not the goal. We want to be in there mind not on their mind.

These days your customer expects you to be on Google, Facebook, Instagram and or other (social media of choice) and of course you are missing a trick if you are not. Social media is a shop window to your business. Yet, if you are expecting a social media provider to be able to supply you with a valid solution for your business bookings then you are mistaken, they want to distract your customer with notifications, videos and ads so they can keep them on their platform for as long as they can. The FB app updates regularly which means the look which we grow accustomed too changes often. It’s frustrating. Look at how many steps you need to navigate to your Facebook page, find the appointment button and book in with you. It took me 7 (seven) steps just to get to the appointment button. 

The logo will foster brand loyalty if done right, When they spot your logo it should promote a feeling of value, experience, trust and authenticity.

If it takes seven views to make your logo recognisable to your customers. Then the impact of them seeing your logo every day on the phone will help the logo crystallise you & your business at the forefront of their mind. You are there trusted hair or beauty professional. 

The goal of the App is to be useful, simple and we want it to promote you and get you more appointments and more recurring sales. If you manage to get your app on your clients home screen then the chances of you building a passive income increase.

We don’t do push notifications. We don’t want to annoy your client.

Your customers home screen is the prime real estate and the reason why Google paid $50 million for Android in 2005. You have the chance to own that space, send us your logo and we can start get your brand on your customers home screen. We have a great technique for getting you on there. It’s so clever you’ll have to click here sign up to find out how we do it.

GoSalon want to you to succeed and through passing this information onto you will help us grow together. I want to put you in front of the customer’s. We want your logo and not GoSalon’s logo on the home screen. Which is why you need to add your logo now!

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