When Life Gives You Oranges

This is the transcript of the 10 minute talk I was supposed to give at Salon International 2023. Until I got rugged by the How to Cut it Platform. And replaced as a speaker. I wonder why? “When Life Gives You Oranges, Squeeze Them.” Watcha, My name is Aaron.  Last month, I made a fascinating […]

64 – How to spot a Scam

Scam, Ponzi Schemes, MLM investments, All Fraud Scam or Ponzi? All have a common denominator and that is human beings. Todays Show, All about spotting a scam and how they are allowed to propogate. Off the bat we discuss the XMAS partygate & the consequences of last years lockdowns, the justifiable lack of faith the […]

57 The Resurrection of Salon International

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Recorded on location at London Excel.
This is a special show. The first exhibition where everyone can get together and begin to re-energise the sector.
Can the hair and beauty industry resurrect itself from the ashes of Covid?

56 Everything is Marketing

Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Todays show is about the power of marketing. We talk a bit about Guerrilla marketing and it’s ability to go deep into your psyche and its a low cost and clever way to get “REACH” Aaron talks about Mick Dundee (crocodile dundee) he has brainwashed an entire generation into […]

54 BEIS shaken not stirred

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Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Shaken Not Stirred Todays show is about The future of us the hair & beauty industry, Who is the best James Bond? And a genius historical explanation of Bitcoin. Who is the BEIS. Why they will shake and stir the industry. We throw the Department for Business Energy and Industrial […]

Applying for Dragons Den

We did some research and found that 8 out of 10 customers would purchase a product from their stylist, but only if the price was closer to the internet. (Salon products typically have a 40% mark up when you purchase from a salon compared to some online retailers).The problem wasn’t that clients had not stopped buying retail products, just stopped buying them from salons. There are many reasons for this which I could go into but I’ll spare you the details.Hair & Beauty industry in the UK is worth £28bn pounds and it’s not under threat from automation or robots anytime soon which means the salon will still demand space on the high street.

How to use a QR code.

We use a QR code to transport your customer from your chair to your retail space on the internet wherein 1 or 2 clicks they can buy your product referral “For the Internet Price”
You can find your BESPOKE QR on your home page.

Going Underground!

BE THE FUTURE It’s clear towns are changing and cities are shrinking. But what does it mean for the humble hairdresser, barber & Beauty pro? We are in this weird situation where time is money, money is time and everyone is bitching on Facebook about not having either. Odd. Salons and Barbers have had to […]