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With GoSalon you earn commission on all hair and beauty products bought by your clients.

We build you an online shop, stack your digital shelves and you are ready to start earning.

There are no set up or membership fees, our services are FREE!




Aaron Dorn,
Freelance Stylist

“GoSalon allows me to earn money from the products that I recommend by sharing links on my phone. This means I have an entire retail display in my pocket.

Julz Coda,
Hair Colourist

“I have peace of mind that my loyal customers are buying my choice of products for the best possible price. I am selling more retail than ever.”


Adam Sloan,

“In my shop it’s so easy for my clients to use. They have the choice to scan and ship a product straight to their home without me having to do anything 24/7.”

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Whether you work in a salon or from home. If you have your own clients, then GoSalon enables them to scan and ship your favourite products for the internet price to their home in seconds.

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After you complete the application process. (including Logo)
We build your online shop for free with ELEVEN retail spaces. And guide you onto the network.

Put a piece of your business online

Rachel Evans "I found the sign up process very easy and straight forward. Your communication and support is amazing."

Phie's Salon - "Sign up process was very easy and straight forward and I’m delighted that your actually educating with the university as I know some people struggle with these things."

Independent Hair Coach Clair Davy - "GoSalon makes my life so much easier, It helps my clients buy my products & I get a kickback."