I want to earn more money per hour.

The most effective ways we can increase our prices are

a) Appointments become scarce.

b) Our demographic have more disposable income.

c) The experience/result of the service improves. 

Marco Pierre White (Michelin star chef) once said “you could make the best meal in the world if the customer doesn’t like the experience they won’t come back.

Do you think the enforced PPE, social distancing, sanitation stations and waiting areas outside in the rain will have customers rushing back to book appointments with you?

Probably not. There is no business coach or retired salon owner that is going to be able to light the way for you on this one. I’m sure there were gutsy salon owners doing business during the blitz too. But this time it’s different.

Today, we have an active campaign by our politicians and mainstream media to guilt people into staying at home “because you may be killing Grandma.” Boris and co are becoming more tyrannical each day. The vanity of being seen to do the right thing is clouding judgements in parliament. Salons up and down the country are desperately trying to comply. Yet Local authority spot checks on shops are itching to find if everyone’s mask is covering their nose. A £1k fine for everyone who doesn’t comply. (Rising to 10k if its a second offence) When will it stop? This is your tax money going into systems which do not work. Where have we seen that before?

If you are not actively looking for ways to cut your operating costs ruthlessly, then you may as well cancel Christmas now.

Frugality by definition is the careful management of material resources.

This is a renaissance or rebirth of an industry we are witnessing before our very eyes. Are you spending money on trying to attract new clients right now? Don’t. It’s wise to follow this simple principle. Look at your expense and liabilities in your businesses and cut them immediately. No, you don’t need them posh coffee pods, or those social media templates, or your magazine subscriptions or the PR company on a retainer.

You don’t need your receptionist and you sure as hell don’t need to be spending products for the shelves. You need to be cutting back on every single thing in your salon that does not generate revenue. Simple as that. If part of your salon footprint does not generate income then change it. Why have a giant reception desk or waiting room? In 2020 they are not useful. Digitise as much of your business now as possible and reap the rewards in the years to come!

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