GoSalon is Magic

GoSalon is a web app that puts a small piece of your business online. Earns you income while you sleep.

GoSalon revolutionises the way you do retail forever!

It is instant, simple and effective. Retail has never been easier.

For the Salon Owner, GoSalon manages your retail so you can spend your precious time doing other things.
For your Client it gives them your “Products for the internet price”

make retail easy

GoSalon is available for freelancers, barbers, beauticians, salons and salon groups. In fact every professional that has a clientele.

GoSalon enables you to put your favourite products in your pocket, accessible for purchase 24/7 and at the touch of a button. GoSalon allows your client to buy your retail products for the internet price and gives you the ability to accept payments without a card machine and your clients to request an appointment with you. And it does all this for free.

Oh right, what’s the catch?

We would love to give away this brilliant service but unfortunately we do have overheads that we need to cover. GoSalon uses a pay as you earn model. IF YOU DONT USE IT THEN IT WON’T COST YOU A PENNY!

Our economic model works as follows:

Once you begin sharing product links to your GoSalon and your clients complete a purchase, this means that you earn a commission of up to 10% on every sale.

GoSalon takes up to 1.5% of your commission fee.

This pays for the hosting, the support and the other features on the platform. We also have an incentive program that means, if you reach certain targets your commission is enhanced!

We do not make revenue from selling advertisements or selling your data to third parties.

You are back in the game.

GoSalon puts you “The Professional” right in between YOUR CLIENT, THE DISTRIBUTOR & THE MANUFACTURER. Now, you can rediscover making profit from product retail again!

It costs you nothing and once set up it creates monetary and time saving value for you and your clients. GoSalon allows you to keep more of what you earn.

Read enough? click here to create your own GoSalon now.

GoSalon is so fast and simple to set up for your clients. It is not an app that needs to be downloaded from an app store. They simply scan your QR code and it’s there instantly on their phone, on your phone, on anyone’s phone.

No need for anyone to learn a new way of doing things. No updates every time you open it. The only step is for you to save it on your home screen.

Dependant on whether you are an Android fan or iPhone disciple. A simple guide to add to your home screen is found here.

GoSalon has features such as;

Get Product – this button gives your customer access to purchase your most recommended products online for the best price. You will get paid for the introduction, every time your customer buys through your GoSalon.
It is said 8 out of 10 clients would buy a product from their stylist, if the price was closer to the internet. Get Product allows that. You earn a commission by simply recommending a product. Win-Win.

features that are coming soon to GoSalon:

Get Tips – Simple and cost effective way to accept digital tips without the VAT exposure.

Get Feedback – is a fantastic option for salons who are looking to continually grow and improve. We give customers an incentive to leave feedback salons to review. What they liked, loved or disliked. This feedback is invaluable to any business. And will help you with your service consistency which is crucial for continued success.

Get Reviews – is a button that enables you to accumulate reviews on the platforms that mean most to you. 5 stars on Google have a profound effect on your Google ranking. It’s the equivalent of paying for SEO to boost your visibility on Google.
5-star recommendations on Facebook is also an effective driver for new clients to land on your Facebook without paying Zuck for the privilege.