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Ok, So you have received your “Welcome to GoSalon” email and am confronted with a link like gosalon.gosalon.uk with a QR code that looks like this below.

Now what?

  1. On your mobile phone. You can long click your QR code to save it as an image to your phone gallery. With this image I recommend that you print up and display it somewhere. I put mine on my mirror and in a display block like this one in my section. (I find it is a great conversation starter) but if you want to save the planet you don’t have to print it. Read on.

2. If you don’t want to display your QR code. Simply flash the screen of your handset to your client and then they can scan it with their own handset. Don’t forget, you can send your personal GoSalon link to them via email, SMS, Whatsapp, or messenger. Using the share button on your home page.

Your client gets a thumbnail of the product and know exactly what they are clicking.

3. Now comes the reward. When you are doing your clients hair and the retail conversation “crops up” “What Shampoo do you recommend for my hair?” Before they have a chance to trawl Amazon or Ebay to find it cheaper. Point them in the direction of your GoSalon. Let them know that can purchase the product for the same price as the internet. They can click the image, the title or the buy button and if they complete the purchase you get a %*. Your client pays the same for the product whether they click your button or not.

4. By clicking through your GoSalon link it will automatically open Amazon on their handset. There they can buy your recommended products with one click and choose to get it delivered to their home. Oh and you get paid between 1.5% & 10% on each product they purchase.

Another Idea for Easy Retail Income.

Generate an income from great customer service

For those of you that have a newsletter and are in regular contact with your clients.

GoSalon makes it easy for you to add clickable links to your communications. No matter where you contact them, Email – SMS – Whatsapp – Messenger –

1. Click the share button

2. Copy the Link

3. Paste it into your message

4. Send it and Earn Cash for every completed transaction clicked through your link.

Other Useful Tips

I have some nice clean magnetic perspex blocks that look cool or you can even get them printed on magnetic paper. I even tried keyrings. They all work.

Here is a link to the Perspex blocks.

Deflecto A6 Acrylic Magnetic Block – Clear – GoSalon Demo

There is a salon in Scotland who uses GoSalon in a brilliant way.

Every time a client leaves the salon, they follow up by sending them an email with a list of GoSalon links to the products they recommend for them or they had used on them during their service. This is an example of great customer service.

Feel free to download any of these images below and share with them your clients. You can harness the power of GoSalon.

*% varies due to some links being direct and others being indirect (indirect links earn you 1.5% – direct links earn you up to 10%)

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