New Tech should help, not hinder!

QR codes are just one of the fantastic new technologies that will simplify everything.

Do you use a pen with an appointment book or digital software to deal with clients, accountancy and staff? 

It’s prudent in a recession to minimise the costs of admin. No hairdressers I know ever got into hairdressing because they love doing admin. 

The great promise of salon software is to save you time, money and decrease client no show.

Yet how many of them do what they promise?

They offer “transparent pricing,” and then use layers of charges to obfuscate the real price. Which is a familiar modern strategy, We all know the budget airlines that have turned this into an art form? From a salon context, Text reminders, introductory costs, commission per new appointment taken online, SMS marketing messages and a monthly charge per stylist. Lots that can go wrong with this kind of set up. You think you can budget for a consistent monthly charge and BANG all of these fees add up and bite you on the backside.

Back in the day, eBay used a multi-layered model that was similar. 15p per listing, extra photo cost, thumb photo cost, subtitle cost, 3.4% PayPal fee, 10% final value fee. It was a death by a thousand cuts. By the end of an average month, my turnover was £200 yet my eBay fees were over £50 (eBay was taking more than my profit) You know what I did? 

I made a couple of simple changes to enable me to balance the profit and turnover so that eBay was working for me and not the other way around. If you must know, I stopped using the auctions, swapped my listings to buy it now, increased the p&p charge.

Fast forwards to today, eBay has changed the way they charge for listing to a more simplistic way. A simple 10% of the final value fee. That’s it. super simple easy to administer and simple to explain. It’s a realisation that most companies get to eventually before it’s too late.

The key is to this model is the fact they want the cost to be low enough for you not to notice. The narrative is we are the cheapest and provide the most value for money. It’s your choice.

At GoSalon we are convinced we have the beating of all of these companies. We are different because we are free, independent and have our customers need at our fingertips. At GoSalon we have created the ultimate model. Zero cost to both you and the consumer. We provide a value for value model that means If you don’t use it it won’t cost you a penny. If you use it and it earns you extra income then we take a slither of that extra income.

Better still a system that has a zero upfront cost has zero risks, If you use it you will pay, if you don’t you won’t. No contract, no small print. Just logic, value and fairness.

Is GoSalon an Asset or a liability?

GoSalon is an asset or a tool. An asset is rewarding. An asset is defined as a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.

GoSalon is not a liability – which is defined as Something for which one is liable; an obligation, responsibility, or debt.

Do you know what is a liability? the software stack that you currently spend X amount of money every month.

Our goal was to create something that you and your clients will find easy to use, fast and consistent. And we are convinced we have created this software now.

GoSalon currently has 5 unique features

Due to the demand for this new technology, GoSalon is currently available by invitation only. We are adding new users all the time. We have been online and working well since day one. We are ready to share this with a wider audience. to sign up click here

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