Lesson 6 GoSalon University

If you already have goals set out for your business, you’re certainly on the right track. Now all you’re going to need is a strategy that encompasses those goals, which – in the case of feedback – can be as simple as using a feedback form template, or at least an understanding how a feedback form should be designed.

Obviously this is a not an example of what to do.

If you’re unfamiliar with online feedback forms, keep in mind that these are not to be compared with traditional surveys. Online feedback forms are dynamic tools used to capture customer feedback on websites and apps. Applying these forms to your website can help you gauge which issues your customers are running into, why they are aren’t converting, and much more.

One I made recently was based on a ‘rate your experience’ type of survey.  We limited the number of required questions and I limited the rating scale from 1-3,”

Although the comments section was optional, the information derived from it was valuable.

To get client cooperation, We emailed the entire database approximately 2,500 invitations to take the survey, reinforcing that client opinion makes a difference to the salon. Clients were given 14 days to take the survey, and were offered an incentive—a 10 percent savings on product purchases at the completion of the survey. About 10 percent of sampling came back (a strong number).

We discovered 80 percent of clients who competed the survey made a comment, and the majority of those were positive. But other comments are shaping the way the salon does business. “For example, one client wrote about his allergies and his concern about clean air in the salon. So, we’ve installed a new ventilation system.”

If you want to keep growing your business. Listen to feedback from your customers –

Another option is an Online Survey. A great way to get valuable feedback.

This example has one goal. “Where did your new clients hear about you?”

Using an online tool such as www.surveymonkey.com it has a super simple user interface and set up.

  1. (Physically) Ensure you have their correct details before each appointment. Hand them a survey while they sit and wait to see you. Great tip (using an iPad or tablet ensures you minimise the dreaded admin)
  2. (Digitally) Email your database of new clients Ask how they found you?
  3. Give them checkbox of options Social Media (specific ones that you use) Google, Word of mouth etc. 
  4. Keep it short and specific. 
  5. Incentivise it, Offer a free service or a free product on their next visit. 
  6. Stick with clear straight forward language

GoSalon makes it easy to get instant feedback from your customers.

The key is to strike while the iron is hot. Getting useful feedback from your customer while they are in the salon is the best time to do it.
We use technology to simplify the process for you and your customer.

Learn how valuable reviews and feedback are fundamental to grow your business. We encourage you to join our waiting list, as space is limited.

When you join, we’ll also send you a copy of our 4 TECH TIPS TO STREAMLINE YOUR SALON so that you can start economising your salon immediately and make it future proof.

I have created a simple New Customer Survey for you below. 

New Customer Survey

Listening to customers has always been important to us. Your feedback will help us better serve people like you!

1. Where did you hear about us?




Friends or Family


Other (please specify)

2. How likely are you to visit us again?

Extremely likely

Very likely

Somewhat likely

Not so likely

Not at all likely

3. Please share any other comments you have below about your experience:

Give them a space to give you some other insights about their personal experience.

This simple survey will give you three huge insights into your business. 

1. How they found out about you.

2. How likely they are to come back. 

3. What they like or dislike about their experience.

Now you can answer the following questions. 

1. If you are spending an assistants wage on your salon technology every month. Can you justify it?

2. What area do you need to work on to enhance new customer experiences?

Look at the factors you can control. For example, marketing and digital software.