Get Paid in Bitcoin

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Earn more by using bitcoin and the magic of being your own bank A crash course to get paid in Bitcoin. Think of bitcoin as instant payments via email. Bitcoin is a revolutionary innovation in digital cash payments. Bitcoin is a currency and payment network in one. It is not controlled by any one central […]

64 – How to spot a Scam

Scam, Ponzi Schemes, MLM investments, All Fraud Scam or Ponzi? All have a common denominator and that is human beings. Todays Show, All about spotting a scam and how they are allowed to propogate. Off the bat we discuss the XMAS partygate & the consequences of last years lockdowns, the justifiable lack of faith the […]

39 – Deregulate Debates

we talk about chop the vat Debate in Parliament – The relentless gender posturing.
Why does nobody want to hire Apprentices & that even now nobody is really talking about regulation.
We touch on the developing news that states in the USA are deregulating haircutting from the cosmetology licence vs the minority desire to Regulate the hair & beauty sector.

New Podcasting 2.0

“They say it’s easy to make an Apple Pie, but you have to create the universe first” Standing on the shoulders of giants, I think we may have made our own Apple Pie. We are excited to announce that our podcast “Salonomics“is now available on the Bitcoin lightning NETWORK. Our podcast is on fire & […]

Salonomics 13 – Why You’re destroying the environment

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode we discover it was Joe’s birthday, his secret to a long lasting marriage and we look at the politics behind the BEIS and professional bodies. We chat about Bitcoin and why Joe loves collecting stuff. He […]