It’s clear towns are changing and cities are shrinking. But what does it mean for the humble hairdresser, barber & Beauty pro?

We are in this weird situation where time is money, money is time and everyone is bitching on Facebook about not having either. Odd.

Salons and Barbers have had to deal with being under the microscope from everyone. The analysis is suffocating and all it will do is force people underground.

How do you think we get through the dark winter without Going Underground? Or in this context what’s stopping our entire enterprise from reinventing itself online. Nothing anymore.

We have one answer Register now

Be independent. Be individual. Be an influencer.

Is this the answer for future prosperity? It’s never been easier to build your own brand. Why are you waiting? Take control of you. Build yourself up. Don’t tear somebody else down. That’s a zero sum game.