Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

Todays show is about the power of marketing.

We talk a bit about Guerrilla marketing and it’s ability to go deep into your psyche and its a low cost and clever way to get “REACH”

Aaron talks about Mick Dundee (crocodile dundee) he has brainwashed an entire generation into working for free (exposure.) It’s seems like Followers and Likes are a new form of currency that people will do anything for. Joe does not see the value in having 100k followers yet be skint.

It reminded me about a blog I wrote in 2020: blog

Guerrilla Marketing – taking inspiration from the @Dudewithsign
Here are some sign suggestions:

Boris & Rishi are non-essential!
Would be a sign that i think all hairdressers and beauty pros would agree with.

We would love to get more of your suggestions.

Hair & beauty pro’s should be exempt from VAT
would be another irrefutable argument that everyone in our industry would agree with. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

Under the Bus

Fauci and the MILKEN institute. In 2019 they made statements that could be construed as prophetic. Talking about the dangers of Flu. They spoke about a need to “disrupt” the public’s awareness of flu. The clip is from 2019 today is 2021. It took them 18 months to eradicate the flu. I wonder how the hell that happened? maybe everything is marketing?

Universal Flu Vaccine –

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Norman Ellis of Essex Hairdressers

Has given us 5 pairs of tickets for the next showcase featuring Paul Falltrick. The show happens in Chelmsford, Essex on Monday 1st November. Doors at 6:30pm These shows are great for young hair and beauty professionals in order to gain new insight and skill but also for networking. This show takes place in Chelmsford.

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