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A show – Today we learn that Amanda Holden has a new show. Joe has been busy playing golf. We throw HJ (hairdressers journal) under a bus. For the lack of quality control in their publication.

We briefly talk about Dragons Den and Joe shares with us his perfect formula of impressing Deborah Meaden and co. GoSalon updates with new connections. We have spoken to many users, distributors and now even a software company is looking at our technology.

Joe comments on the latest Linkedin misinformation from Loreal.
Aaron shares a story from Sir James Dyson about whether he wanted investors or not.

Joe asks Aaron the same question. Go on Dragons Den or not go on Dragons Den. Least it’s a great marketing platform. I am Not sure whether I want to have to listen to investors.

For the HJ scandal
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What about Dragons Den

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We will never be swayed in what we say.

Aaron Dorn

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