How to win at Social

Firstly, Don’t throw competitions on twitter to gain followers.
We had a Question about Butlins to try and get Joe some more followers on Twitter. It didn’t work. I even offered to give real Satoshi’s away to make Joe popular. To no avail.
On today’s show, We start off by talking about the disproportionate sunlight that is given to negativity on the internet.

Joe has a genius theory about the obesity crisis and how to end it plus Joe shares his 2 step fool proof plan to win at social media. We find out the answer to the question that went mainstream on twitter this week “What job did Joe do when he worked at Butlins in 1976?”

We had some valuable feedback from Bob surrounding the controversy about using the term Socialism in ironic form. Bob agrees that the last show should have been called “fascists in sheeps clothing.” Apologies to Bob.

We discuss the opening of the bureaucratic transfer window. As the transfer of one policy maker from the NHBF to the BBC is another example of jobs for boys/girls. Aaron goes off on a rant due to the fact he has been on holiday with his family for 7 days in the wind and rain of Northern England.

How to win at Social

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Rank Math says I need to add 5 more words. So here they are, “How to win at Social” For more about Salonomics visit the official website here