Reading this could save you a few quid.

No hairdressers I know, ever got into hairdressing because they love doing admin. However, I have got some admin for you to do. Don’t moan, It could save you a few quid. 

Did you know that digital costs of operating a modern salon have increased 1000% in the last decade?

Salon profits are being squeezed like never before. Staff wages, energy costs, product costs, marketing costs, increased competition and lower disposable income of our customers all contribute to a hyper-competitive market.

Making changes to your digital and online footprint may intimidate you. It’s natural to think “i’ll put it off.” Well, now we are here to guide you. How? by cutting the unnecessary costs. We have the ability to save you thousands every year.

This is compounding over time. And it’s probably one of the most effective things you can do to ensure the survival of your business for now.

From search engine optimisation to hashtags. Instagram or Tik Tok. The tech world changes so fast. To deal with it or not. That’s the question. Is this an optimal way to spend your spare time or hard-earned on learning new software and dealing with technological updates.

Ten years ago website hosting and domains cost roughly £15 per month, an average digital spends for a salon was approximately £150 – £300 per year. 

Now add up your online booking software costs plus Facebook ads plus search engine optimization etc. It’s now in the thousands, right? It’s a cost that didn’t exist ten years ago. 

Reading this could save you a few quid.
Profits going down the drain?

My goal with this piece is to save you time and money. Introduce you to our software and ensure you are ready to rebound in a post Corona world.

First of all. Do you know how much money you spend on digital every month? No, then let’s do the admin:

Write down the cost of the following

  1. Reception Software
  2. Website updates
  3. Domain name and hosting 
  4. Facebook/Instagram ads 
  5. Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Google Ads / Other Online Advertising

Now you have this number. Does this number shock you or justify itself? only you know.

One way to find out? 

Many businesses use online survey’s to glean valuable feedback from their customers.  

The first step begins with clearly defining your goals.

What are you getting for these extra thousands you are spending? new followers or new clients? Is this expense helping you to grow your business effectively? Or are you simply paying to advertise the product company you love?

Do you know when you had a new client that found you via an Instagram post or a Facebook message?

When was the last time a client found you because of a friend?

Here is a link to another blog about creating effective surveys

GoSalon makes it easy to get instant feedback from your customers. The key is to strike while the iron is hot. Getting useful feedback from your customer while they are in the salon is the best time to do it. See how we use technology to simplify the process for you and your customer.

We encourage you to join our waiting list,

When you join, we’ll also send you a copy of our 4 TECH TIPS TO STREAMLINE YOUR SALON so that you can start economising your salon now and make it future proof.

SALONOMICS – how to economise your salon business.

In a post Corona Virus world. Cash is King. Your expenses could be key to your survival. Take care of them, Be safe, wash your hands and good luck.

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