A digital detox is what we all need but how realistic is it?

How can you filter out the noise in a world we everyone is so desperate for attention?

The dopamine hits of likes and followers have created a new problem and it’s almost as dangerous as sugar. The old and the young are all susceptible. Yet it’s popularity is not abating. It’s frustrating and rude. I have had meetings with CEO’s and they cannot leave their handset alone. It’s epileptic phone twitchiness. This not healthy and it’s affecting everybody. AAAARGHHH!

What can we do to prevent this new age problem. I think i have the answer below. Scroll down let me show you something.

Where are the social media addiction groups? “Hi, my name is Aaron and I am addicted to likes.” Sounds mental, I am a father of a 11 & 13-year-old, I believe the next generation is rebellious enough to not want to copy what their parents do. They can figure out the pain of social media and the danger it brings to our society. I will teach them that it’s dangerous as a stroke to our mental capacity. Who needs to deal with another virus on our mental health. Especially in 2020.

The New Dorn – reduce your data footprint.

The solution is simple. Reduce your data footprint. Every site you visit, every tweet you send and every article you read via a phone is data that is being collated and attached to you. This is the same data that algorithms use to build your echo chamber. Or enhance your web experience as they put it. We are in a society where privacy and experience have crossed streams. People’s desire to be heard and acknowledged have trumped peoples rights for privacy.

Stop it and go back to your old handset, use a burner phone. You don’t need to be stimulated 24 hours a day. Our brains have not evolved to be triggered by so many pointless Facebook updates. This is a public service announcement.

5 tips to reduce your data footprint

How to shrink your data footprint.

  1. Buy a brick phone. You know the old Nokia 6230 you have at the bottom of your draw? Use that as a phone. It still works, the camera may be rubbish but the battery lasts a week. 
  2. If you can’t do that then put your phone on silent. What’s the urgency? it’s not like you will miss an important call. You pick the phone up every 13 seconds. Remove the fire alarm nature of the ringtone.
  3. Go to settings and turn off notifications for everything. These alarms that trigger when you get a mention an email or group message remove your focus from the task at hand. I mean how important is it to check in on your Instagram friends to confirm how amazing and how much better their life is than yours? 
  4. Record a new voicemail – simply say I am not near my phone at the moment and I’ll get back to you asap. If it’s important they’ll probably leave a message and send you a text. Which you won’t miss because you pick up your phone every 22 seconds.
  5. Learn to cook, read a book and enjoy the silence. With all the time you have freed up, you may be able to eat yourself well.  

That’s it. That’s my advice. Use social media so it doesn’t use you then you’ll be free to increase your peace. 

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