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Using a messenger like Text, Whatsapp, Email, Telegram etc.

If like me you cannot help to provide excellent customer service to your clients. Then this is the next level. We have all been there we get a direct message from a client asking us for our urgent or non urgent hair & beauty advice. Below I share a great tip to show you not only how to deal with their wishes in a moment of need but you can actually earn money for doing it.

1. Click on your GoSalon to locate the product

how to share products on GoSalon

2. Click on the share button

click the share icon

3. A list of apps should appear on your handset, choose which app you want to use

click share apps should appear on your handset

4. In the app of your choice GoSalon will embed the link and thumbnail of the product to illustrate exactly what product you recommend to your client!

share to your client in 2 clicks

When the client clicks through this link and completes the transaction you get the referral fee!

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