Hello GoSalon FAQ’s

GoSalon 100 retail products on your phone

What is GoSalon?

GoSalon is a digital platform that allows you to sell all of the products you love to your clients for the internet price.

How does GoSalon work for me?

GoSalon gives you more chances to make money from retail. By connecting your client to a product on the internet. Your client has more choice of products to purchase and for the best value for money.

How do I earn money from GoSalon?

GoSalon pays you a commission between 1% and 6% on all of the purchases from the recommendations that your customers complete. This is made possible by the unique tracking id that comes with your GoSalon account.

How much does GoSalon cost me?

Nothing, It’s Free.

How much does GoSalon cost my clients?

Nothing, It’s Free. The client when purchasing through your GoSalon will pay the same price as if they did not buy through your GoSalon link.

How does my customer purchase an item from me?

Your customer can purchase your product recommendation either by scanning a code (in the salon) or pressing one button via their phone home screen. Alternatively, if you share the link in an email or text message. This will also allow you to earn a commission.

Does GoSalon sell my data?

No, We don’t sell any data. Let me be clear. We don’t need to harvest your data or your clients data. The distributor does not share any information with us apart from what was purchased by your client and the price was paid. This information is then used to calculate your commission from the completed sale.

How does GoSalon make money?

We get paid a small commission by the product distributor every time your client buys a product from you. There is no hidden costs or in app purchases.

Why do people love GoSalon?

GoSalon is 100% subscription free and promotes your brand and nobody else’s. Imagine one button on your clients smart phone home screen that they can access you, your retail selection and many other useful tools connected to you. It’s distraction free and you can have peace of mind it’s about you and not your competitors.

1. Free to use & subscription free (no contracts)
2. You can retail the products you love for the same price as the internet.
3. It doesn’t harvest yours or your customers data
4. It’s saves you and your customers time during checkout.
5. It gives you a much broader range of products to sell.
6. It saves you from having to deal with deliveries and needing storage space to store excess products.
7. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to deal with any postage & packaging or customer service.
8. You have a shop front that is open 24/7

How do I get paid by GoSalon?

Once you refer a total of £25. GoSalon will send you your commission.
TERMS Affiliates (You) receive the first month’s revenue via Paypal/Bank Account once a month (on the 15th) You must reach a minimum threshold of £25 to receive a payout. The Affiliate is responsible for reporting and paying taxes on all affiliate revenue. GoSalon reserves the right to change the terms of this program. By signing up for GoSalon means you accept the terms of this program.

What does GoSalon do for my business?

GoSalon gives you free hosting of your own web app, free QR codes and has the easiest sign up process ever. We have already done all of the work for you. We share with you the best advice our community has to offer. We are evolving, automating and digitising as much of the “Admin” as possible. We hate Admin!

You are giving the easiest and most cost effective way for your customers to purchase retail products from you. Your client will not need to ever buy a product from another retailer again. They trust you for style advice so they’ll trust your product advice too.

Does this mean I can recommend any brand I want to my clients?

Yes, many salons have loyalty to one or two individual brands. By using GoSalon you immediately open up many more brand options and retail product options. You can recommend as many brands as you wish.

Is it true you use Amazon affiliates?

Yes we have a system that means you do not have to worry about posting, packaging, or have to do any extra work at all.

At the moment we can trust amazon to deliver the products faster and for the best value than anyone else on the internet.
For competition sake, We are in the process of adding independent distributors to the platform. If any distributor would like to join the GoSalon network click here

Other Distributors

In time, we hope to encourage all distributors to join the GoSalon network. As we believe the competition between distributors will help secure a balanced and fair commission structure for users of the GoSalon network. Do us a favour and recommend them to us now – send them this link https://www.gosalon.uk/gosalon-distributors/

What can I retail?

Anything you want. GoSalon gives you a broader range of products to recommend to your customers. Using GoSalon means that you never have to purchase the item before selling it on to your client.
By retailing this way GoSalon removes the necessity to pay up front for items that you may NEVER sell. This is the future of retailing.

How does GoSalon know that my customer bought a product from my GoSalon store?

You have a unique link that will tell us every time your customer purchases a product from your GoSalon store. This link gives us details of what was purchased, for how much and the commission that you get.

How do I get my client to keep buying from me and not someone else?

Send your GoSalon link to your clients. Get your icon logo onto your customers home screen. Then it’s easy for them to access your personal GoSalon. To learn more sign up for GoSalon university click here
On android handsets a pop up will ask them to “add to home screen” Alternatively you have your own personal QR code which they can scan in the salon and add to their home screen

Can I use my own affiliate?

There are 2 answers to this and it depends what you mean by own affiliate.

For a hair & beauty professional
You may but the barrier of entry can be unrealistically high. Sometimes, It takes days, weeks and even months to get on board with your local distributor or an online seller. Some online affiliates networks may not even allow you to join. For example, If you do not have enough followers or subscribers. These online affiliates will prevent you from accessing the system.

For a distributor
You can but you have to have a website that is set up with your own affiliate system in place. Which is extremely expensive and time consuming to set up. You can shortcut this by partnering the GoSalon network to enable all of your existing customers to benefit from this new way of retailing. Click for more

I already have retail products that I sell to my customers, What is the point of me using GoSalon?

1. Passive Income, 24/7. You can earn money while you sleep.

2. Cuts your monthly business expenses considerably.

3. No need to purchase products before you retail them.

4. Free up Salon space. No need to store boxes of products in a stock room.

5. Increase the number of products that you can recommend to your customer.

6. Save time dealing with deliveries and salesman.

7. Minimise risk of damage, burglary and product tarnishing.

Do this new way of retail affect my old way of retail?

No, If you want to sell the legacy way (by purchasing product in big quantities, storing them in your salon. Then try to sell them onto your clients with an extra mark up cost. You can.)

GoSalon increases the amount of sales channels you have. If the client wants to purchase immediately from you they can. Our users find that this way of retailing cuts their monthly product spend considerably.
Alternatively, GoSalon gives your customers the option to buy it at a later date with one click. It really is the ultimate in convenience for your customers. With our technology, referring retail to your clients has never been easier. You can use the scan & ship function in less than 12 seconds.

Do i have to download GoSalon from Google Play Store or Apple App Store?

No, GoSalon is a web app and this means that you don’t have to download it from the app store.
(This also means it’s extremely lightweight, works offline and you never have to deal with updates)

How do i add it to my Apple iphone home screen?

For iPhone

  1. Open your camera & Scan the QR Code
  2. Click the share button
  3. Find add to home screen Button & press it.
  4. Now your GoSalon is on your phone home screen.
Set up GoSalon on iPhone

How do i add it to my Android home screen?

For Android

  1. Open your camera and scan the QR code.
  2. “Add to home screen” prompt should appear at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click it to add to home screen
add to home screen android

Is there another way to add to my home screen?

Absolutely, you can simply click the link to “your personal GoSalon” space. For example gosalon.gosalon.uk

  1. Click the 3 dots
  2. Click the Add to home screen button

How does my client use my GoSalon?

Simple – while they are sat in your chair. Flash them your QR code. This will quickly send them direct to your page where they can purchase a product that you recommend in one click.

What is the Process? How do I get my own GoSalon button?

We build your site and You get your clients to click through that. You get your own domain for example yourname.gosalon.uk and it’s that site that your clients have on their personal phone home screen.
This way the app works as a concierge for you and your client at the same time. It removes all of the hassle of dealing with pushy product salesman.

TLDR: Is there a shorter summary of all of this?

Commission & Costs

The GoSalon is App is completely free, no sign up costs and no monthly fees. If you do not use it it will never cost you anything. If you do use it, then the model works like so:

Anything you recommend to your customer via your affiliate means you will get a commission of between 1.5% – 6% based on 2 things.
1. What type of product was sold – (personal care items are typically 6%)
2. Whether it was a direct or indirect link click.
(A direct link is buying the product you have on your GoSalon)
(An Indirect link is something that is bought from the distributor that was not listed directly on your GoSalon)
GoSalon only receives a reward if you get rewarded from the transaction.
GoSalon takes a *30% fee of your commission in exchange for the app and other services we provide such as “Get Appointment” & “Get Paid” buttons.
(we have discovered a way to take credit card payments for free) see this blog for details

Once you start building your retail commissions you will get paid every month into an account or currency of your choice. Provided it’s above the £25 commission threshold.

What do I have to do next?

You just have to click here enter your business name and email address. Then over a few hours you will receive a sequence of emails that guide you onto the network. These emails will ask for you to submit your logo, your favourite products and other information for us to create your own bespoke branded app.


We believe that those that create value should be rewarded for it.

We understand Salon owners, Barbers and Freelancers are fed up with competing with the internet on price, so we built a system so that means you don’t have to.

We know it’s cheaper on the internet and so do your customers.

We want to GoSalon to be a genuine asset for your business and not a liability.
We want you to build a passive income without having to do any extra work.
As a hairdresser myself. I know how hard you all work. And it’s time we took back control of our time and space.

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