How does GoSalon stop you being too salesy?
By curating a list of products you love and use means you don’t need to sell anything. Let me explain, Your client already sits in your chair for your and is buying a service from you. And if that clients walks away without purchasing a retail product this means they are buying it from somebody else. (Somebody else is profiting from your work.)

But we already sell products in the salon why do i need GoSalon?
GoSalon enables you to sell more products to your customers. Why? because the products you can offer to them are now purchasable for the cheapest possible internet price via YOU! No more having to justify why the product on your shelf is “twice what I can get it from off of Amazon!”
How many times have you seen your client in your chair checking out eBay or Amazon for that tool or product you just used on them?

Data suggests that 8 out of 10 clients would buy a product from their beauty professional if that product was similarly priced to the internet.
most salon businesses currently are lucky to sell retail to 2 out of 10 customers.

GoSalon links your customer to your favourite product and pays you for the connection. Your client loves it because they are getting the product you use for the internet price. And who doesn’t want to save a few quid?

This increases your profits for no extra work. You are already doing this process without a payoff. Time to claim what is rightfully yours. You are the influencer that counts to your customer. Not some random YouTube page or Instagram hero.

Why this is important?

GoSalon frees up your capital to be spent elsewhere on the business without reducing the excellent service. No need to purchase retail products to gather dust on your shelves, Just buy enough to use. This practice will reduce your VAT liability and reduce the fees attributed to your card machine.

By using the product on your customer means it’s in their eye-line, you are directly endorsing it. They pay you for your expert opinion and service of their hair so why wouldn’t they take your advice when it came to aftercare?
When you use that in front of your client it’s a subliminal message of endorsement of that product or tool.

Remove the awkwardness of talking about price. – When you use GoSalon you can be confident your customer is getting a fair price as you are linking them to the best priced product on the internet. If you want to continue selling to your customers with authenticity and integrity. GoSalon is the way forward.

The process begins with a QR code. No need to type anything into google or web browser just open the phone camera hover it over the QR code and scan it. It’s fast and convenient for your customer because they will already be connected to the internet giants through the bloatware apps that have already downloaded onto their phone.

Why you need a process? – Consistency is key to referring products to your customers. You want to be on auto pilot with it just like when you do their hair.

Do your job and provide a full service – I look at product sales as significant as a waiter in a fine restaurant bringing you the desert menu. You don’t have to buy desert but they would not be doing there job if they didn’t offer it to you.

Why should someone else profit from your work? – Let’s face it, they shouldn’t. Your customer would much rather listen to your opinion about what product suits them rather than a celebrity or billboard. Product companies will gladly sell direct to your customer and remove you from the loop.

Examples of how to use GoSalon.

  1. During Lockdown John Coronado of CoronadoSA showed great customer service when he contacted every client in his database and simply asked them how they were getting on? After checking in with them he recommended a number of items which his clients went on to purchase. Brilliantly done John.
  2. Rhea Biggs of BigsyHair is a L’Oreal Id Artist. She made some of the best how to videos i saw over the last year. Using catchy tunes and time lapse video she showed her clients the skills that have made her such an in demand stylist. These videos were posted to her GoSalon Page alongside the products she referred in the video.