Scheduled to drop on Friday 28th May at 6pm.

Thanks so much to Jason Crozier of Croznest For allowing me onto to his Instagram Live show. It’s an extra treat. They discuss technology and understanding where the line is between you using it and it using you.

Jason gives a live overview of the GoSalon website and what changes we can create to project a message and make the site appeal to emotions.

Do people need educating on best practices of technology?

No, they need education on analysis of themselves. Technology evolves to us and who we are and not the other way around. You have to analyse what the technology gives you? Do you earn money from it or is it distracting your focus / time. Don’t let Technology abuse your time.

Using Technology so it does not abuse you.

The Lost Session

There was so much more we discussed in the first half but that was destroyed by Jason’s Cat. Which is True.
Topics such as:

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