Salonomics 25 Love, Death and Taxes, are the 3 things in Life that we cannot avoid.

Today we have a special show – It is a pleasure to welcome Lee Stafford to the Show. Lee is up their as one of the most productive hairdressers of all time.

His multi decade career has seen him grow from a teenager cutting hair in his mum’s kitchen at 16 to leading an internationally recognised haircare brand. Yet in between he grew salons, won awards and revolutionised hair education in all throughout his native UK.

In 2021 and with 14 academies under Lee’s stewardship, his product brand is available in 30 different countries around the globe.

Joe first met Lee when he a 16 years bright eyed bushy tailed teenager. We join them reminiscing about the past and what we can expect in the future of hairdressing in the UK. Honest, open chat as you can expect from Salonomics.

Introducing the first salonomics video here featuring the irrepressible Lee Stafford. Love, Death and Taxes.

Tales of Neville Daniel, Daniel Galvin, The Rockin 80’s. Fat Glyn & the Attitude required and inspiration received during a decade where British Hairdressing was recognised as the best in the world.

love death taxes and lee stafford
love death and taxes


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