Stop trashing your competition on Facebook. It won’t do anything for you apart from make you bitter, twisted and obsessed with someone else’s failure.

If you spent 10% of the time you waste on Facebook brainstorming with your team about “how you can make the salon as efficient as it could be.” Then you would be pro actively building your business up rather than trying to tear somebody else’s down.

It’s a much more positive way to go about things. Whatever your motivation.  

Let’s face it. If they are as bad as you say. They’ll get what’s coming. Why spend your day concerned about what “rules” Bob the barber or Silk Cuts are breaking? Stop distracting yourself.

The wealth of your local community should grow over the next 12 months and here is why. Every salon in the country understands they are in survival mode. With cities on the brink of catastrophe. It’s time to work local. People will have more time on their hands as medium and long distance travelling has been disrupted. Which is good for all of us right?

Correct, As of 2021 people will no longer need to commute to work. Will find long distance holidays a pain, and will be scratching around locally for things to see and do. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think cities will be abandoned for long but they certainly won’t be as accessible for us anytime soon. 

It’s time to deal with the reality of life that most people don’t need to spend 3 hours per day travelling to a place of work. This is great news for your local economy. Wealth will distribute around your local area, people will have more time on their hands. What an opportunity.

Your appointment times have been increased and so has your price. This is great news. Spend more quality time on your customer and they will spend more there quality time with you.

Top hairdresser John Coronado has inspired me with his ability to adapt to any given situation. John owns Coronado.S.A hair salon in Essex. Since reopening after lockdown he ‘shrunk‘ his client base by 10% increased his price by 30% & is fully booked for the next 3 months and is working less hours per week than he ever has. THE HOLY GRAIL has been discovered and it’s on Canvey.

How did he do it?

He contacted all of his customers by phone. John made it compulsory for all colour customers to book 2 appointments in advance. During the planning process he advised all of these customers of the price & time increase for all services. Plus he advised them of all the safety measures that were put in place. Including private room with separate access. He redesigned the space he has to make it 100% effective and earning revenue.

You know what else he did,

He overhauled his digital fingerprint by changing the process of booking payments and retail. (Ok I helped him with the last bit) his clients have the ability to pay the bill & book themselves. Pick up the retail he recommends, grab a selfie for social media & leave a review. This means the admin is taken care of by the customer. These changes add up over a day, over a week. John has his feet up an hour earlier every night. An extra day off per week.

He has created a hybrid salon and combined it with a coffee shop that sells ice cream etc. He has used the nonsensical guidelines & tapped danced over the council’s laser beam alarms.

All of this means John works less earns more and his customers all have complete peace of mind about their hair journey over the next 3 months.

What Barry the barber is doing is not your concern. Your ability to trade is.  Stop worrying about compliance, your competition and social media.  Worry about your customers. Worry about yourself, your workload and what is important to you.

John is ultra focussed on being customer centric. They guide him. And that is all. So don’t be like them,Be like John.

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It’s not a monopoly, it’s life.