The Problem with Apprentices

Todays guest is the irrepressible Edward Hemmings from Alan D hairdressing Edward has been in the hairdressing industry for three decades and is a well known face on the exhibition stages. An exemplary speaker and a hard working man.

The question I asked was “Why is nobody hiring Apprentices?

One of the problems as Edward says is that the government need to do more to allay the fears of the low income families. They fear that by sending the youngest members of the family into low paid work. They will be worse off.

Currently, If a kid joins a salon as an apprentice and earns £100 per week. This is considered family income and low income parents have there benefits adjusted.

If the kids gets educated at a hair college and have no income. The parents don’t have their benefits adjusted.

The Result is pushing those kids from low income families into the centralised college system suffocated by rules, regulations and other external issues that lead to the suffocation of the salon apprentice system.

What will be the long term effect of this on the hair and beauty sector?

We have spoke for a while about unintended consequences of government bureaucrats trying to do right by everyone and thus by itself, creates these long term issues.

Will the unintended consequence of these policies funnel all youngsters into college and away from the more traditional Professional Salon Apprenticeship? (that most argue is the most successful way of teaching a vocational profession)

Which was responsible for Joe, Aaron and many other top names in the industry breaking through and forging their own paths.

As a free market maximalist I do know one thing and that is “too many rules spoil the broth!” or something like that.

the problem with apprentices
Apprentices and Apprenticeships. Why are the in decline in the UK?

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