In Scissors we Trust

In todays show we talk about trust and trends. Joe thinks Messi and Ronaldo should retire and let someone else have a go. Joe has recognised a few new trends and shared more anecdotes about marketing. We discover he had a reputation for being a cutter and one day his scissors got him into a row with a clients partner.

When it comes to turning over a new leaf, have trust in your scissors. Aaron deconstructs the latest fake news Daily Mail native ads in the paper via the latest Trinny instagram post. Who wants to spend £144 on serum? They make it look like the potion did it and completely discount the fact she had 2 professional hairdressers work on her hair.

It does seem like all news broadcasts are just some kind of fake news to help push a product or even a experimental vaccine. If it’s in the news then somebody has paid somebody to put it there. When the trust is gone. Where do you put your faith?

We get Joe’s latest predictions for the Euro’s and Aaron wants feedback on his latest attempt at marketing for GoSalon. All feedback greatly received. And if you are a marketer and interested in helping Aaron out with GoSalon. Get in Touch.

In scissors we trust

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Rank Math says i need to add 5 more words. So here they are.

If you know a marketer or someone who can help. Let us know asap.

This was a very interesting video i saw. I follow a chap on twitter called Dave Trott, he is an old school art director. He tells you exactly how it is. When he talks you should listen. Anyway he posted a link to this YouTube clip. How important is marketing?

Aaron reckons:

Henry Ford knew what he was talking about.

faster horses

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