What is it about the new wave?

We talk about the new trends. Is “the Mullet” making a comeback. We analyse what hairdressing visionary Robert Lobetta is seeing for the future of salons.

We discuss bravery & courage and how important those traits are for a successful career. How can you put a price on feelings?

Joe tells us all a story about kidnapping a young child in the 80’s.
The sun is out and so are all of us. The smiles have returned to peoples faces across the UK and long may it continue.

Remember that going to the beach is and soaking in the sunshine is the best medicine you can get.
The Key to prolong your state of happiness and to celebrate the fact that summer is finally here.
do the following:
1. Stop watching BBC News
2. Stop reading newspapers
3. Get outside and breath some oxygen.
4. Throw your mask away.
5. Ignore the prophets of doom and you’ll notice how quickly your life improves.

Seeing as i am writing lists.

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Kudos to Dom Lehane and him allowing us to use the clips from his award winning podcast “How to cut It” https://howtocut.it/ep200-robert-lobetta-a-hairdressing-great/

bravery and courage to perform

Steve Jobs is talking about the courage it takes to remove certain pieces of technology from Apple products. This happened after the iPad was introduced without support for Flash, just as the iPhone, back in 2007.

This kind of decision is not new to Apple. The interview occurred 6 years ago, and Steve Jobs was already using the word “courage” to explain why the company does things the way it does. Courage is one thing but do you have the bravery to do something new?

Rank Math says i need to add 5 more words. So here they are.

Moving Forwards, What can technology do for you?

At home or in the shop?

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