36 Salon 2 Blow Your Mind

In todays show, Aaron starts Joe off talking about heroes, Joe talks about the salons of the future that blow his mind and how comes they are not in London. He refers to the feeling of the salon and how it should be practical, functional and incorporating as many senses as possible. How did Salonomics evolve?

And as an extra treat the last 30 mins features Jason Crozier from Croznest. They discuss technology and understanding where the line is between you using it and it using you. 

Salon that blows Joe’s Mind – Get your inspiration



Join the conversation on our Linkedin Channel along with the links and show notes. https://t.me/salonomicsSearch for Salonomics podcast on Breez player, Sphinx Chat and PODVERSE

Join the conversation on our Linkedin Channel along with the links and show notes. https://t.me/salonomics

Search for Salonomics podcast on Breez player, Sphinx Chat and PODVERSE

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Salon 2 blow your mind

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Plus we have the extra special bonus show Salonomics 36a which is the isolated version of the chat with Jason Crozier of Croznest. We talk about the value of tech but only when you use it correctly.

Using technology so it doesn't use you.
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