Without being a pushy salesperson.

Out of practice? If you want to Retail GoSalon Style then it’s easy. Below we share Aaron’s Top 5 tips when it comes to retailing in person with your client.

When everything we attempt to sell in the salon can be up to 100% more expensive than online. The whole process turns into a hard sell and nobody wants to be a pushy salesperson.

We know that 8 out of 10 customers would buy a product from their stylist if the price was closer to the internet.

Our clients waste hundreds of £ per year through impulse purchases that they use once and never again. It’s part of our role to save them from wasting their money. My tips below will give you the confidence to make retail easy for your clients.

Every sale begins in your chair. You have the opportunity of managing your client’s retail journey passively during every appointment.

You have their full attention. No noise, no distraction. Just you, them and the mirror. Let’s not waste it.

Top 5 Tips How to Retail
It’s why we built it. GoSalon makes it easy for your customers to get the retail they need from you. Think of it like you have 100 products in your pocket.

GoSalon makes it easy for your customers to get what they need. FROM YOU! 24/7

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Tip 1 – Don’t discriminate
Ensure you have a wide selection of products from each brand or product category. You should have budget items, mid priced items and high ticket items on your shelf. The amount of sales pro’s miss out on because they refer products that are too cheap or expensive for their client. This means you can stock every brand and give your customer the best fit for them.

Why it works
Your customer may be put of by the first product if it’s out of their price range, offer an alternative that suits their budget. Everyone would love a dyson hair dryer but a gamma piu is just as good and in my opinion better value for money

Tip 2Use it or lose it.
It’s easier to refer a product to a customer if you use that product on their hair/skin. Using that product on them and leave it in their eye-line, Is one of the most effective methods.

Why it works
You send a subliminal message. They ask you a question about a product or they comment on the smell. They want to know why the expert uses this product on them. If they ask you tell. It’s feels a lot less hard sell and more genuine.

Tip 3Give them value.
I hear too many stories from clients about them throwing money down the drain on hair and make up products they impulse buy. Then feel disappointed when they don’t work for them.

We are providing a service and they have already made one purchase decision by coming to you. They trust your judgement.

Tip 4 – Sell to the senses.
The more senses they use. The better the chance you can convert the sale.
When using a product on a customer they can see it. Smell the aroma. Feel it on their skin.

Why it works
Science, the more we stimulate the more likely they are to buy from you. It’s that simple.

Tip 5 – What’s the worst that can happen?
They say no. So? get over it. Do you think a waitress ever stops bringing the desert menu to the table? It’s part of the job.

Don’t let somebody else profit from your work. It’s that simple. 80% of your customers are buying stuff for their face, skin and hair. They may as well buy it via you. Right?

Why it works
It’s a numbers game, the more you get used to asking the question the easier it becomes.


Our clients waste hundreds of £ per year through impulse purchases that they use once and never again. It’s part of our role to save them from wasting their money. Hair and Beauty Pro’s are providing a valuable service. You should get paid for it.

For years product companies, distributors, supermarkets, chemists and the internet have removed you from the loop by selling direct to your customer.

It’s time for you to reclaim this vital portion of your business. Using GoSalon means you can sell a product to your customer without having to buy it first!

Just think, no more dead money in products left unsold sitting on the shelves.

Just think of the products you have not been able to endorse before? That Dyson hairdryer never looked so good in your retail zone.

Your expertise and GoSalon’s simplicity means it’s easier than ever to claim your share of retail.
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Change the future of how you retail forever.

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