Hello everyone,
Seeing as we are locked down and cannot do any actual hair I am finding myself busier than ever. With home schooling my children and at the same time doing as much digital work I can, to keep the wolves from the door. I have not been able to find the time to write my blogs.

However as a problem solver I have thought of the next best thing. How about I start a podcast with my good friend Joe Mehmet. Never fear you can hear our dulcet tones on the radio. Have us on while doing your chores.

I digress the first episode is about Salonomics 1 – Build Back Better

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience.  We explore Joe’s apprenticeship, the 3 things he was never supposed to talk about, High end London salons, Aaron’s building back better blogs and we look into the murky world of LinkedIn and why Joe likes trolling on that platform. #gosalon #buildbackbetter

apologies for sounding like we are on Gas & Air. But it’s show 1. We’ll be better next time. 

Aaron’s blog can be found at https://www.gosalon.uk/2020/12/01/build-back-better-the-salon-of-tomorrow/

Build-back-better tune shared with love via Adam Curry’s NoAgenda show