Is Elon Musk playing or not?

On todays show. We gang up on the king of twitter Elon Musk. Joe calls Elon a Fraud and questions the value of Tesla Stock. Joe gets melancholic about his old Golf GTi.

Aaron bemoans the fact Joe only paid £50 for a car. That petrol was only 4p per litre. And how it’s so much more difficult getting on the motoring ladder today. This level of INFLATION has handicapped the middle and working class more than anyone else. Why else would we be buying Bitcoin?

One of the features of Bitcoin is as an insurance policy against against hyper-inflation. The more Bitcoin goes up means the more ill disciplined our governments have been. VAR is an example of another Technology which is spoiling an industry.

We touch on marketing and understanding your limitations. Is getting outside investment a good idea?

Dumping on Elon

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