You have to stop wasting your energy!

After a month of solid work. Everyone is feeling a little happier & yet fatigued so we talk about energy. Aaron dismissed Joe’s attempt to bring the latest FUD involving Bitcoin to the show.

As they discuss the Turkish Exchange Exit Scam. We touch on “outsourcing PR” and if its an antiquated way of doing marketing? Is TikTok really as great as my 11 year old says it is?

Aaron asks “when do you know if you should stop putting energy into something?” If collecting data is a waste of energy. Then it’s probably important to stop it. The owner of Timpsons had a great point about his success, It starts with removing data collectors. And spending that energy on what works. “great customer service” Full link to post here

Increase your Peace – remove the noise of distraction.
How can you filter out the noise in a world we everyone is so desperate for attention?

The dopamine hits of likes and followers have created a new problem and it’s almost as dangerous as sugar. The old and the young are all susceptible. read more…

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