Salonomics 26 – Great Reopening & Fake Expectations

How to deal with the reopening

In todays show Aaron talks about his love of “The Bill” Aaron asks Joe what are the reopening expectations? and how to avoid the mistakes of last July’s reopening. What will change and what will remain the same if anything?

What to look out for and what to focus on. Joe shares his Goat about protests and whether they are legitimate or pointless.

We had a slight issue during recording where Aaron was on a roll talking about productivity hacks and working smarter and not harder. Joe gave a round of applause and conveniently our recording equipment spacked out and it was lost forever. So we had to sellotape this show together. Thanks for listening. 

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great reopening expectations
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About the author.
Aaron is a professional hairdresser with over twenty years experience from cat walks to trade shows and everywhere in between. You can find him on all the socials @aarondornhair

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